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Moving to the USA and Need a Vehicle?

As the vehicle experts for internationals, we provide the flexible vehicle solutions and financing you need to get a car without a US credit history.

Moving to the USA and Need a Vehicle?

Flexible vehicle solutions and financing to get you driving without a US credit history.

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Be Ready to Drive When You Arrive

International AutoSource (IAS) provides flexible vehicle solutions to expats relocating on an international work assignment. Through our factory backed programs expats can lease, finance or purchase a car in the US without a local credit or driving history.

How to Buy or Rent a Car in the United States

As the leading global source of auto leasing and financing for expats, IAS helps you start building a credit and driving record in the United States. Our programs are specifically designed to meet your needs for short or long-term assignments.


Leasing, Financing and Purchasing

  • No US credit history needed
  • Wide selection of makes and models
  • Flexible financing and leasing terms
  • Low-rate car insurance without a local driving history


ReadyRental (Global Car Rentals)

  • Exclusive savings with preferred rates regardless of location or season
  • Comprehensive insurance included
  • Spouse and employee sharing capabilities
  • Flexible billing options

Exclusive Safeguards and Protections

  • Concierge-level service
  • Lowest price guarantee (preferred manufacturers only)
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Relocation guarantee

Explore Top Selling Brands

Interested in a different brand? Contact us and we'll help you find the car you are looking for.



We are the vehicle experts for expats

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, but we make getting the vehicle you need easy. Our Product Specialists are expert consultants, trained to identify your needs and use their extensive knowledge of the automotive market to find the right vehicle for your lifestyle and budget.

From the point of first contact to the day the vehicle is delivered, customers receive our concierge-level service to ensure a seamless transition. We are about making an expats journey to a new country one step easier by getting them behind the wheel of a car.

International AutoSource Customer Reviews

Hear what customers have to say about using IAS to get a vehicle for their relocation to the United States. Our expertise in the automotive industry has helped over 50,000 foreign nationals relocating with their personal transportation needs.
Quick and easy assistance from friendly people who want to help you. Very nice vehicle! Thank you very much International AutoSource.

Ralph V.
South African Expat | Leased Ford Escape
I did my due diligence and explored options with other companies. I found all of them to have ambiguous explanations with additional costs cropping up throughout. With IAS it was the polar opposite.

Lawrence H.
Hongkong Expat | Leased Audi Q3


We were able to get our car. Thank you so much for all your help. We are very satisfied with how easy and fast it was to get. We barely did anything, you all do the work.

Neil and Lovely M.
Filipino Expat | Financed Volkswagen Tiguan